TURBO für 3000$ +75HP für T23 + TS

Diskutiere TURBO für 3000$ +75HP für T23 + TS im Motor Forum im Bereich Tuning; Hier die Nachricht, die ich gefunden habe und ein Link dazu....soll max. 400PS abdrücken... First off, we will sell the turbo manifold seperatly...

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    Hier die Nachricht, die ich gefunden habe und ein Link dazu....soll max. 400PS abdrücken...

    First off, we will sell the turbo manifold seperatly if wanted. Our gts kit will come in any power wanted. Our base 75hp kit will include turbo, manifold, fpr (fuel presure reg) intake, and all the needed vacume lines and other things needed for installation. Most likly this will be a t-28 turbocharger. We havent put our celica gts through our flow tests yet to see what will be optimum. Our "show car" will be the car that will be showing our stuff off. We actually have some very interesting technologies we have developed with the pistons that have shown tremendous gains in some of our private research. We will be dropping compression to around 9.1:1 compression on forged pistons, forged crankshaft, forged connecting rods, custom cams, 550cc injectors and we also have a fuel rail that is made for the return line to the fuel tank. This we will be avalible very soon, Price undetermined. You can buy it by its self for a price or buy it with a stock exchange and get it cheaper. So be swapping your core fuel rail for upgraded version. On the gts exhaust for na, it will not be ricey at all. Our systems have been said to sound "ferrari like" due to the deep growl, only one word really discribes it "evil".

    Turbo on 1zz engine will be either a t-28 due to fast spool. T-28 will be at full boost by 3k rpms which is a nice spot. This kit is built for ease of install and use. Totally bolt on and off for those who need to take it off for a toyota check up. You can request a intercooler with the beginner setup. Ignition timing will be retarded by tricking the stock ecu in the beginner setup, You can however vouch for the s-afc which we will suply at a discounted price through our parent company no limit (see link in sig) If you want the safc with your kit and are near our shop in florida we will glady install and tune it for ya.

    __________________<br />Energie Developments <br />Division of No Limit Enterprises <br />www.nleonline.com <br />Current Projects: <br />1zz-fe - Turbo System <br />2zz-ge - Turbo System, Intake, Exhaust
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TURBO für 3000$ +75HP für T23 + TS

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