RX 30 Coupe "Royal Saloon"??

Diskutiere RX 30 Coupe "Royal Saloon"?? im Oldies Forum im Bereich Toyota; Hy all , even though i know quite a bit of german , i'll stick with english for now. hope most of you will understand So , i've got a Cressida...

  1. psy

    psy Guest

    Hy all ,
    even though i know quite a bit of german , i'll stick with english for now.
    hope most of you will understand

    So , i've got a Cressida Rx30 (90hp 2.0litre engine), it was bought from Darmstadt about 15 years ago ,but due the fact that the authority at the time couldnt find that such a car existed (Royal Saloon edition) , it wasnt enrolled , so it's been siting ever since , it still runs though .. started it a couple of months ago and it works just fine , clutch slips a little but i've got a brand new spare disk .

    So , my question to you folks is , what the hell should i do with it ?
    sell it ? i would make as a great project car , but to currently enroll such and old (as in with euro 0 polution norms) car in this damn country is way to expensive to be worth it (i'd be paying about 5000 euros) ,but nevertheless , the car is just not for me .
    and besides , does this model actually exist ?

    pictures below

    and my ke70 that i haven't had time to work on .. damn college


    .. or maybe on second thought i'll scrap the thing cause it looks kinda hopeless , doesnt it?
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  3. Alex

    Alex Guest

    I think the "Royal saloon"-Badge does not belong to this car...i think your car is an GL-Type (Coupes of the Facelift-Cressida in Germany had no GL-Signs, but the Trim Version is the same, like the Sedan GL).

    If you can give me the Trimcode (Finecode) of the siver VIN-Badge behind the engine, I can tell you more, about your car...

    It look like this on, but starts with RX30L-.....


    Cars of this type are very rare in Germany, but a few cars in good condition can be found in Swizerland or the netherlands...

    I think this car is not hopelessly rotten- it may be a good basis to rebuild the car in a regular condition....

RX 30 Coupe "Royal Saloon"??

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