Lexus is300 zu lahm?

Diskutiere Lexus is300 zu lahm? im Motor Forum im Bereich Tuning; Wers gerne flotter hätte: vom einfachen Turbo bis zur "Herzverpflanzung des Supra-Motors". 8o <br />Natürlich nur in Ammi-Land... PHR Lexus...

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    Andreas-M Guest

    Wers gerne flotter hätte: vom einfachen Turbo bis zur "Herzverpflanzung des Supra-Motors". 8o <br />Natürlich nur in Ammi-Land...

    PHR Lexus IS300 Street Turbo System. This is the newest system in our lineup of turbo conversions for the Lexus IS300. The PHR Street Turbo System will be the first turbo system available anywhere that can be installed by any qualified person, not only the manufacturer. These turbo systems will be available for shipment worldwide starting in Spring/Summer, 2002. Includes PHR cast-steel exhaust manifold, PHR GT60 series polished turbocharger, PHR external wastegate, 3" downpipe, 3" off-road midpipe, intercooler, and basic fuel system upgrades. Expected output of 300+ Rear Wheel Horsepower. Price: TBA. Please keep checking this catalog page for updates as they become available. All email and telephone inquiries will be directed to this catalog page for more information.

    PHR Lexus IS300 Stage 1 Single Turbo System. These newly-developed PHR single turbo systems will set the industry standard for Lexus performance once again! Based upon our world-famous NA Supra turbo conversions, the Stage 1 turbo upgrade package for the IS300 is offered with up to 350 Horsepower at 7 psi of boost pressure. Includes the PHR cast-steel exhaust manifold, external wastegate, PHR GT60 series turbocharger, 3" downpipe, air intake piping with K&N air filter, PHR fuel system upgrade, and front-mounted intercooler with 2.5" intercooler plumbing. This is a very complex conversion, requiring modifications to the fuel system, exhaust system, front bumper area, factory ECU, and many other systems. Therefore, these turbo kits will not be available for shipment, all installs must be done in-house only. This assures that the installations are of the highest quality and reliability, and will last many years without failure. Also includes the PHR/MOTEC engine management system. Price: Starting at $7,000.00

    PHR Lexus IS300 Stage 2 Single Turbo System. Similar to the Stage 1 system featured above, however, the Stage 2 also includes the PHR 3mm metal head gasket. This lowers the static compression ratio to a more boost-friendly 9.0:1 for more reliable horsepower output on pump fuel. Typical installations result in 450 RWHP at 20 psi boost pressure, however, PHR has the capability to construct the Stage 2 System to meet any Horsepower level desired. Includes Motec stand-alone fuel and ignition management system with PHR upgraded fuel system to support the desired Horsepower level. In-house installations only. Price: Starting at $12,000.00

    PHR Twin Turbo 2JZGTE Engine Conversion. PHR is the only tuning facility in the U.S. that is able to successfully transplant a Twin Turbo 2JZGTE Supra engine into the Lexus IS300 and maintain all OEM functions such as power steering control, A/C, ABS, and Diagnostics. This conversion is one of the most extensive modifications that can be done to an IS300, however, it allows the owner unlimited future upgrade options with parts intended for the highly successful Supra. We begin with a factory new Toyota 2JZGTE shortblock and cylinder head, and then attach the PHR Street Single Turbo system. Also includes a large 3 core front-mounted intercooler, PHR 3" off-road exhaust system, and PHR complete fuel system, along with a custom PHR/MOTEC engine management system. Includes installation labor and dyno tuning. Price: Starting at $20,000.00
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Lexus is300 zu lahm?

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