Experience a new Platinum Core HUD

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    Security issues, should be very concerned about all the normal people. In our daily driving, the sight of drift, attention is not focused, even "rush", are likely to give themselves or pedestrians tragic accident. The new Platinum Core are equipped with HUD Head-Up Display, the character I play it cool, greatly improved the traffic safety. Recently, I also had the honor to get the new Platinum Core conduct scientific and technological experience, but today everyone to begin to share experience feelings HUD head-up display system.

    While in the car at this level, you can find the car is equipped with HUD Head-Up Display, also the Peugeot 508 with Peugeot Crankshaft and the top with the Accord, while the romantic French people call VTH, is with a translucent projection screen, and a new platinum Core of HUD peripheral hardware have a certain gap, the longer we later explain. For now, HUD Head-Up Display in the midsize car is still a rare thing, even if it is cross-level, but also rare, to say nothing of those BMW Audi luxury car first, but in a direct competitor to the new Platinum Core of years, such as Mondeo, Magotan, they are so what? So, to say, for the new Dongfeng Honda platinum Core equipped with HUD Head-Up Display, is sincerity is dry.

    HUD Head-Up Display System Principles
    Before going any further introduction of new Platinum Core HUD Head-Up Display system experience, I think it is necessary to explain the HUD with everyone works, after all, we are technology channel thing.

    The new Platinum Core HUD Head-Up Display options
    The new Platinum Core of HUD Head-Up Display system which integrates speed, speed, gear, navigation, traffic signs, the acceleration of gravity, coilovers a number of commonly used functions, such as music, where individuals feel navigation and traffic sign recognition system is very practical.

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Experience a new Platinum Core HUD

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