ECU Programmierung MKIII

Diskutiere ECU Programmierung MKIII im Motor Forum im Bereich Tuning; Hallo MKIII Tuning Experten, ich habe auf der TRD Hompage in USA folgendes Angebot gefunden, sieht für mich so aus als würden die unter anderem...

  1. #1 SupraBob, 21.08.2002

    SupraBob Guest

    Hallo MKIII Tuning Experten,

    ich habe auf der TRD Hompage in USA folgendes Angebot gefunden, sieht für mich so aus als würden die unter anderem den Fullcut nach oben korregieren, was haltet ihr davon ?

    7M-GTE ECU Reprogramming

    One of the quickest and easiest ways to get more horsepower out of your car is by changing the computer's program to allow a more aggressive fuel map and and boost limit. This service (not a new computer), provides different fuel mapping, a higher rev-limit, different ignition mapping and an adjusted boost limit. All this adds 80 horsepower and 89 lb.-ft. of torque to your vehicle! <br /> <br />Adds 80 horsepower and 89 lb.-ft. of torque.<br /> <br />Your cost: $745.00<br />


    -Totally customizable. If you have performance cams or a sport exhaust, the program is adjusted accordingly to give the best performance increase possible.

    -Inexpensive to modify later. If you don't have those cams or that exhaust just yet, don't worry. The initial costs of making the chip are just that-initial costs. Additional programs are only $100! You let us know what modifications you've made, and we get another chip out to you for minimal cost and with no vehicle down time!

    -Easy to swap out programs. Any concerns over fuel economy, smog certification, or racing modification can be addressed by having a second chip on hand with the original factory program on it. Switching back and forth takes just minutes. A car can be driven on the circuit on the weekend, and switched back for street use easily.


    In order to perform this service, we need your original ECU (or another just like it) sent to us. A junk yard may yield a suitable donor ECU (Toyota ECU's are very expensive to repurchase). If you opt to send your current ECU, be apprised that it will take 72 working hours to perform the "surgery" from the time we get it. If you cannot afford for your vehicle to be inoperative for two to three weeks, DO NOT REMOVE and send us your ECU. Get a donor. Delivery times vary, but the closer you are to Los Angeles, California, USA, the sooner it will be. Please allow 8 weeks for international orders.

    We also will need to know everything that has been done to modify the vehicle. If it has a different intake or exhaust fitted to it, let us know. Other common modifications include performance camshafts, camshaft gears, and ignition upgrades.

    Please give me (Dave, ext. 126) a call at (626) 859-7400 or leave me an E-mail for more information regarding this or any performance product. International calls: 001 (626) 859-7400.

    This service is NON-REFUNDABLE, and is therefore not available online. I feel that you should speak with me so that you know all of what is involved. Shipping is not included in the price, but is very minimal.
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  3. #2 Christian, 21.08.2002

    Christian Senior Mitglied

    Dabei seit:
    wenn Du diesen Weg gehen willst würde ich eher das Techtom von Reg Riemer empfehlen - nachzulesen auf der SONIC Seite (

    Gruß Christian
  4. #3 SupraBob, 21.08.2002

    SupraBob Guest

    @ Christian

    ich habe eigentlich mehr an F-Con gedacht, was ist aus deiner Sicht die beste Lösung ?

    PS: hast Du meine Mail wegen der Downpipe usw. bekommen ?

ECU Programmierung MKIII

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