Die UK GT4 Jungs waren auf'm Prüfstand

Diskutiere Die UK GT4 Jungs waren auf'm Prüfstand im Motor Forum im Bereich Tuning; kommen die alle zum ring im oktober ??? cu udo ------------------ [IMG]

  1. udo

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    kommen die alle zum ring im oktober ???

    cu udo

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    From: "Dan Sapsford" <Dan_Saps@n...>
    Date: Mon Sep 3, 2001 8:48 pm
    Subject: Fw: gt4, gt-four Powerstation Rolling Road Power Run

    Here we go one and all, these are the numbers generated last Saturday at
    Powerstation. I was quite happy with what I got considering I was only
    running 8psi on a stock turbo on the day! The curves all looked bang-on so
    I'm confident about getting lots more ponies when I bolt some other goodies
    on [​IMG])


    Sent: Monday, September 03, 2001 10:12 AM
    Subject: gt4, gt-four Powerstation Rolling Road Power Run

    > Hi All
    > Here are the operator commenst for all your motors. Please accept my
    > apology if I've spelt any names incorrectly but it was very noisy.
    > John Willcott ST185 JDM - Over Fueling
    > 232bhp 250ftlb
    > Stew ST185 JDM - Over Fueling
    > 235bhp 247 ftlb
    > Tony Licence ST185 JDM - Over Fueling, Hesitant
    > 203.5bhp 196ftlb
    > Simon Dawes ST185 RC - Strange dip in power graph (cheat)
    > 243bhp 236ftlb
    > Phil Jelly ST185 JDM - Alignment problem, Engine is good.
    > 204bhp 245ftlb
    > Alan Wilson ST185 JDM - Over Fueling, Nice power curve
    > 208.5bhp 223ftlb
    > Steve Jones ST185 JDM - Perfect Fueling,
    > More potential if didnt over heat (250 bhp).
    > 240bhp 253ftlb
    > Dan Sapsford ST185 UK - Over Fueling but not too bad.
    > Good Power curve.
    > Bang on what it should be.
    > 205.5bhp 198ftlb
    > Mo ST205 - Running too lean. Possible damage.
    > Excessive crank case breathing.
    > 255bhp 261ftlb
    > Lewis ST205 - Decat required. Possibly over fueling.
    > 243.5bhp 230ftlb
    > Don ST205 - Over Fueling Horribly.
    > 249bhp 243ftlb
    > Martin Farrel ST185 CS - Nice curve, Fuel OK, Smooth.
    > 230bhp 240ftlb
    > Chris ST185 JDM - Slightly Over Fueling, Nice Curve.
    > Cat is restricting performance.
    > 187.5bhp 178ftlb
    > John Byrne ST185 CS - Seriously Over Fueling.
    > 228bhp 244ftlb
    > Rob Hughes ST185 UK - Cat Restricting performance.
    > Nice Curve.
    > Fueling Not Bad.
    > 177bhp 180ftlb
    > Bernard ST185 CS - Over fueling, Needs Decat, Smooth Curve.
    > 190.5bhp 192ftlb
    > John Robinson ST185 CS - Possibly low on boost,
    > Over Fueling
    > 191.5bhp 189ftlb
    > Steve Munro ST185 - Too Rich, Running wrong fuel,
    > Possible damage.
    > 164.5bhp 180ftlb
    > Fensport ST185 - Fuel OK, WI leak.
    > 278bhp 272ftlb
    > Marc CL ST205 - Good all the way through,
    > Slow Actuator.
    > 259.5bhp 231ftlb
    > Richard Harr ST205 - Over fueling.
    > 247.5bhp 230ftlb
    > Lee Pulsar - good for 280 at 1 bar.
    > Shopping trolley.
    > 234bhp 208ftlb
    > Adrian Corrola - not enough power (not)
    > 315bhp 317ftlb
    > From the comments virtually every car is over fueling. We are all
    > missing out on a few more bhp and a bit better economy. The best all
    > round ST185 belongs to Steve Jones. This car has the Unichip so the
    > fueling is perfect. Even though it only reached 240bhp on the rollers
    > Dirk believes that if it didn't over heat it was good for 250+ bhp.
    > That beats a couple of the ST205s even without a hybrid turbo.
    > The second thing to note is that alot of the cars are being held back
    > by the cat. I visited PS about 3 months ago and my figures were 218
    > bhp and 237 ftlb. The only mod since then was the removal of the cat.
    > That gave the car +14bhp and +13ftlb as well as quicker turbo spool
    > up time.
    > Both these points go hand in hand because the cars are designed to
    > over fuel in order to cool the cat. For the next RR session I'll be
    > noting down all the "Over Fueling" and "Still has Cat" criminals and
    > I know where you live.
    > Regards
    > John Willcott


    1994 Celica GT-FOUR (ST205)
    2000 MR2 Spyder (ZZW30)
    ICQ# 105150153


Die UK GT4 Jungs waren auf'm Prüfstand

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